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Photo of a Couple Going for a Beach Jog, Which Just Happens to be One of the Best Beach Date Ideas.

There’s never an offseason for romance on the Island of Hawaii (also known as the “Big Island”), especially along the jaw-dropping Kohala Coast, home to the heavenly Kauna’oa Bay. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel flawlessly hugs the bay, where a silica-based shoreline allures thousands of couples each year. While most beaches on the isle are jagged and rocky, this silica sand is often described as sugary, powdery, and idyllic. Naturally, romance ensues. Thus, the concierge team at Mauna Kea has pieced together 20 playful, passionate beach date ideas.

20 Beach Date Ideas: Kauna’oa Bay Edition

Photo of Mauna Kea Beach. Click Here to Find a Bevy of Romantic Beach Date Ideas.Honeymooners, long-lasting couples, and new duos alike can appreciate the value of a date spent beside the sea. These 20 beach date ideas wholly encapsulate the tantalizing allure of Kauna’oa Bay, where towering palms and dense flora meet the Pacific Ocean’s warm, teal aqua. Per usual, remember to plan well in advance. Many couples cleverly combine two or three beach date ideas into a combo package, particularly if a sunset is on the docket.

  1. Plan a picnic in the sand
  2. Indulge in a cocktail at Hau Tree – it’s five o’clock somewhere!
  3. Snorkel with manta rays
  4. Fly a colorful kite
  5. Watch the golden sunset
  6. Practice beach yoga
  7. Embark on an early-morning beach jog
  8. Try tandem kayaking
  9. Build a sandcastle – it’s OK to be a kid again!
  10. Sip on a bottle of champagne
  11. Savor authentic delights at a beachside lūʻau
  12. Learn to surf
  13. Stand above the Pacific on a paddleboard
  14. Listen to an audiobook together while sunbathing
  15. Stargaze with your backs in the sand
  16. Enroll in hula lessons
  17. Go for a moonlit swim
  18. Slow dance after dark (don’t forget a Bluetooth speaker)
  19. Carve your names into the sand
  20. Sunset photography session so your memories can last a lifetime

Sophisticated “Big Island” Resorts

Photo of Mauna Kea's Campus After-Dark. Click Here to Find Some Fun Beach Date Ideas.Feel free to try a handful of these tantalizing beach date ideas during your next Mauna Kea vacation. Most Kohala Coast properties cannot match Mauna Keach Beach Hotel’s unique blend of Hawaiian cuisines, remoteness, cultural significance, sheer acreage, and sophisticated open concepts. Compiling a list of fun date night ideas comes naturally as this 60-acre estate rests on one of the most spellbinding coastal terrains in North America. Guests will be blown away by the hospitality, cleanliness, and sheer freedom to explore. Please give us a call today at 1-877-880-6524 to speak with a reservationist. Otherwise, book now at

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