Photograph of a Car near Mauna Kea Beach Taken by Gray Malin at Mauna Kea.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is every photographer’s dream. It’s set amongst lush vegetation on one of Hawaii’s prettiest beaches. Mauna Kea has recently partnered with Gray Malin as part of the photographer’s latest series: “Gray Malin at Mauna Kea,” which brings the hotel to life and guarantees a dose of nostalgia for Mauna Kea vacations to come.

Gray Malin at Mauna Kea

In a series of 32 images, Gray Malin has brought Mauna Kea Beach Hotel to light. According to Malin, the shoot was “inspired by the beautifully unique spirit of Hawaii” and aims to bring to life the rich history of Mauna Kea since the resort was developed in 1965 by Rockefeller.

Malin considered the hotel’s rich history, using striped beachside umbrellas, reminiscing from long ago, and many other vintage props, creating a whole new vibe.

“Working with the Mauna Kea for this project was a dream,” says Malin. “I have had my mindset on shooting this luxury resort for a while, and it is incredible that we were able to make it happen during this unpredictable year.”

The Perfect Location

Mauna Kea itself is the perfect location to shoot with its world-class facilities, world-class 18-hole golf course, and jaw-dropping sea views far out onto the horizon. Some of the best shots include a shot of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and its luxury setting from afar and a stunning image of the hotel’s beach views. There are plenty of prints that will provide you with fantastic memories of your stay at the Mauna Kea too. Reminisce about your time sipping cocktails with beach views, or bring back fond memories of your Hawaiian surfing experience.

Gray Malin at Mauna Kea for Purchase

Having a personal copy of one of Gray Malin’s prints will remind you of your fantastic vacation to Mauna Kea for years to come. Shots of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel by Gray Malin are now available to purchase at our gift shop on your next stay with us. If you just can’t wait to pick up these one-of-a-kind prints, you can buy them online here. Shipping is available throughout the U.S. and Hawaii. 

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