Aerial View of Mauna Kea's Hawaii Island Beach.

According to Travel + Leisure, two of the 18 prettiest beaches in Hawaii are within walking distance of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. And no one here on the Kohala Coast is arguing with that fact. Kaunaʻoa Bay and Hapuna Beach, two neighboring slices of “Big Island” paradise, collectively provide as much serenity as the rest of the island combined. Spending a full day at the beach along the sandy Kohala Coast remains a bucket list item for many travelers. Thus, in hopes of enhancing your upcoming escape to the Island of Hawaii, we’ve assembled some helpful information about the region’s three prettiest beaches.

1. Kaunaʻoa Bay

Aerial View of Mauna Kea's Hawaii Island Beach, Just Steps from the Ala Kahakai Trail.Mauna Kea Beach Hotel’s own Kaunaʻoa Bay is one of the only stretches of white sand on the Island of Hawaii. Most travelers know Kaunaʻoa Bay as “Mauna Kea Beach,” a sprawling, crescent moon-shaped shoreline that hugs the hotel’s lush great lawn. The beach is home to pearly sand, crystal-clear water, swaying palms, sun lounges (and umbrellas) complimentary for guests, and an open-air beachfront eatery, Hau Tree, one of four on-site dining options. Through the on-site Beach Club, guests can utilize SUPs, kayaks, bodyboards, snorkeling gear, and our famous outrigger canoes. Kaunaʻoa Beach is home to thriving manta ray and sea turtle populations.

2. Hapuna Beach

Aerial View of Hapuna Beach, a Quintessential Hawaii Island Beach.A scenic, southerly stroll along the historic Ala Kahakai Trail will lead to you Hapuna Beach, home to the prestigious Westin Hapuna Beach Resort. Hapuna Beach is yet another white-sand marvel—a rarity on the “Big Island.” The beach’s southern edge features charcoal-colored volcanic rock, while the landscape’s north end is prime snorkeling territory, especially in the morning hours. Parking is limited, which is why we typically point travelers toward the picturesque Ala Kahakai Trail. Hapuna Beach is exceedingly linear, so the tides are very predictable. Thus, it’s a sublime place to learn how to paddleboard or bodyboard.

3. ʻAnaehoʻomalu Beach

Photo of a Sunset at ʻAnaehoʻomalu Beach, a Classic Hawaii Island Beach.ʻAnaehoʻomalu Beach, not to be confused with the neighboring Waikōloa Beach, is best known for its towering palms, thriving sea turtle population, and serene ponds. It’s approximately 10 miles southwest of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, making it a lovely day-trip destination for those who wish to explore another sublime slice of sand. While the sand isn’t as pristine or pearly as Kaunaʻoa or Hapuna, it’s impossible to deny the allure of a vibrant ʻAnaehoʻomalu Beach sunset. Because so many sea turtles live near the beach, ʻAnaehoʻomalu remains a beloved snorkeling hot spot.

Mauna Kea, a Quintessential “Big Island” Resort

Start and finish each day in paradise at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, an award-winning Kohala Coast resort property with a world-renowned golf course, the isle’s top-rated luau, and, as mentioned above, the prettiest beach on the Island of Hawaii. Don’t forget to browse through Mauna Kea’s collection of featured offers, including the long stay promotion, family discounts, and golf packages. To book a well-deserved escape to the Kohala Coast, please check availability online (or connect with a reservationist at 1-877-880-6524).

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